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App Details

(The Fine Print)

  • KYPN's app is and will forever be free to download and use

  • "Points" and "Coins" have no monetary value, and are used only in exchange for prizes offered on the app, or in exchange for discounts to KYPN-hosted or co-hosted events

  • "Points" and "Coins" are non-transferable between members

  • "Points" will reset regularly (annually), but the mechanism and timing for this are still being worked out. We want to make sure it's a fair process that encourages the right behaviors. "Coins" do not expire.

  • Exchanges for ticket price discounts may be combined. For example, 4000 points may purchase 4 of the "$10 off an event ticket" prize, and exchanged all at once for a ticket to an event $40 or less.

  • Your data will never be sold by KYPN to third parties

  • Earned point values will generally be higher for KYPN and paid events, but many criteria factor in, and as such, assigning point values (and redemption value) is up to our sole discretion

  • Click HERE for a brochure/quick reference guide

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